Our exhibit at
Malvern International Orchid Show
17-19 June 2016
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Awards to the Society and its Members
Trophies Best Display (Amateur)
Medals Gold, for the Society's display
Ribbons First in the 'Any Other Hybrid (Amateur)' Class

   Thunia Gattonensis 'Sue'  (Alan Sapsard)

First in the 'Hardy Terrestrial (Trade)' Class

   Dactylorhiza fuchsii  (Christine Carter)

lent to Helen Milner's educational display

First in the 'Phragmipedium (Amateur)' Class

   Phragmipedium Eric Young  (Alan Sapsard)

on Wessex Orchid Society's display *

Second in the 'Phragmipedium (Amateur)' Class

   Phragmipedium warscewitzianum  (Allan Burdis)

on the British Paphiopedilum Society's display *

Awards of Merit -

   Bulbophyllum lobbii  (Ken Griffiths)

   Catasetum tenebrosum  (John Dennis)

on Wessex Orchid Society's display *

   Dactylorhiza elata hybrid  (Mike Powell)

   Dactylorhiza foliosa  (Graham Smith)

   Phalaenopsis Pink Charm  (Christine Carter)

   Promenaea Meadow Gold  (John Dennis)

on Wessex Orchid Society's display *

   Renanthera monachica  (Allan Burdis)

   Restrepia antennifera  (Chris Broomfield)

   Tolumnia urophylla  (Roger Frampton)

The results of this year's Show were particularly pleasing, on two counts.  Firstly, for winning the trophy for Best Amateur Display again, the first time since Peterborough in 2007.  And secondly, to see so many Members win awards for their plants, demonstrating the wide spread of growing ability within the Society.


A number of Members belong to more than one Orchid Society, lending plants both to us and to their “other” Societies.  All awards to Members' plants on other Societies' displays are included here, to give a fuller picture of the breadth of our Members' abilities.

Photo Gallery
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