Our exhibit at
Peterborough International Orchid Show
15-17 June 2007
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Awards to the Society and its Members
Trophies Best Display in Show

   Bournemouth Orchid Society

Best Species in Show

   Sophronitis pulcherrima var. alba  (Michael Powell)
Ribbons First in the 'Miltonia / Miltoniopsis' class
   Miltonia flavescens  (Ken Griffiths)

First in the 'Laeliinae' class
   Sophronitis pulcherrima var. alba  (Michael Powell)

First in the 'Any Other Species' class
   Eulophia guineensis  (Roger Russell)

Awards of Merit -

   Aerides fieldingii  (Colin Carter)

   Dendrobium christyanum  (Chong-Yee Khoo)

   Dendrobium pseudoglomeratum  (Chong-Yee Khoo)

   Dendrobium unicum 'Weimin' AM/RHS  (Chong-Yee Khoo)

   Phalaenopsis Fantasy Musik  (Christine Carter)

   Phalaenopsis Alice Woodbridge  ×  Doris Wells  (Christine Carter)

   Thunia gattonensis  (Michael Powell)
Photo Gallery
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  Hard work building our exhibit . . .

Allan Burdis calls for another plant
while Colin and Christine Carter
keep their heads well down!

photo © PIOS

. . . earns the Best Display Trophy . . .

Colin Carter receives the Trophy on behalf
of the Society from the Bishop of Ely

photo © PIOS

. . . as a reward for the final result   

Our finished display complete with
two of the Show's three Amateur Trophies

photo © PIOS

The Best Species Trophy is also won

The Bishop of Ely presents the Best Amateur
Species Trophy to Michael Powell for his

Sophronitis pulcherrima var. alba

photo © PIOS

Eulophia guineensis
1st in 'Any Other Species' Class
Grown by Roger Russell

photo © PIOS

see this plant in next year's Show!

Miltonia flavescens
1st in 'Miltonia / Miltoniopsis' Class
Grown by Ken Griffiths

photo © PIOS
The photos here are temporary - we hope to replace them
and expand the Gallery as relevant material is located
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