Our exhibit at
Peterborough International Orchid Show
19-21 June 2009
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Awards to the Society and its Members
Ribbons First in the 'Any Other Species' class

   Eulophia guineensis  (Michael Powell)

Second in the 'Phalaenopsis' class

   Phalaenopsis hybrid to be identified  (Eric Groome)

Awards of Merit -

   Paphiopedilum Lynleigh Koopowitz  (Ken Griffiths)

   Phragmipedium Grande  (Colin Carter)

   Ponerorchis graminifolia  (Michael Powell)
Medals Gold

   for the Society's display
RHS Awards BC - Botanical Certificate

   Calanthe transiens 'Lydia Ruth'  (Colin Carter)
Photo Gallery
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Our display - different this time,
build around a forest path

photo © PIOS

Calanthe transiens
'Lydia Ruth'
RHS Botanical Certificate
Exhibitor & photo © Colin Carter
The photos here are temporary - we hope to replace them
and expand the Gallery as relevant material is located
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