Our exhibit at
Peterborough International Orchid Show
18-20 June 2010
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Awards to the Society and its Members
full details to be confirmed
Ribbons First in the 'Paphiopedilum / Phragmipedium' class

   Phragmipedium Grande  (Colin Carter)

Second in the 'Phalaenopsis' class

   Phalaenopsis Star 'Orange Sunglow'  (Christine Carter)
Medals Gold

   for the Society's display
Photo Gallery
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Ken Griffith's antique fish cart rides
again as the key-stone of our display

(last used in 2005 at the WOC in Dijon)

photo © PIOS

Phalaenopsis Star
'Orange Sunglow'

2nd in 'Phalaenopsis' Class
Exhibitor - Christine Carter

photo © Colin Carter
The photos here are temporary - we hope to replace them
and expand the Gallery as relevant material is located
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