Our exhibit at
Peterborough International Orchid Show
17-19 June 2011
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Awards to the Society and its Members
Trophies Best Hybrid in Show

   Thunia Gattonensis 'Sue' CCC/RHS  (Alan Sapsard)
Ribbons First in the 'Paphiopedilum / Phragmipedium' class

   Paphiopedilum superbiens var. curtisii  (Colin Carter)

First in the 'Any Other Species' class

   Eulophia guineensis 'Weymouth Bay'  (Roger Russell)

First in the 'Any Other Hybrid' class

   Thunia Gattonensis 'Sue' CCC/RHS  (Alan Sapsard)

Second in the 'Laeliinae' class

   Laelia pulcherrima var. alba  (Michael Powell)

Awards of Merit

   Dactylorhiza fuchsii  (Colin Carter)

   Disa uniflora 'Firebird'  (Michael Powell)

   Renanthera monachica 'Highcliffe Castle' AM/RHS  (Allan Burdis)

   Renanthera storei  (Geoff Hands)
Medals Gold

   for the Society's display
RHS Awards AM - Award of Merit

   Renanthera monachica 'Highcliffe Castle'  (Allan Burdis)

CCC - Certificate of Cultural Commendation

   Thunia Gattonensis 'Sue'  (Alan Sapsard)
Photo Gallery
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Our display was a variation on the
'Woodland Walk' theme we use in
2009 - but better, we believe

photo © Colin Carter

Thunia Gattonensis 'Sue'

Final preparations by Allan Burdis
and Chris Broomfield before staging
- and before its CCC/RHS award

photo © Colin Carter

Thunia Gattonensis 'Sue' CCC/RHS
1st in 'Any Other Species' Class
Trophy - Best Species
RHS Certificate of Cultural Commendation
Exhibitor - Alan Sapsard

photo © Nick Fry

Dactylorhiza fuchsii

PIOS Award of Merit ribbon

Exhibitor & photo © Colin Carter
The photos here are temporary - we hope to replace them
and expand the Gallery as relevant material is located
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