Members' Show - Autumn 2011
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When & Where
Saturday 24 September 2011
The Barrington Centre, Penny's Walk Precinct, Ferndown, Dorset  BH22 9TH
Visiting Exhibitors
Burnham Nurseries
Orchids by Peter White
Ratcliffe Orchids & Hardy Orchids
Members' Competitive Classes
Judges  -  Allan Burdis (RHS/BOC), Graham Smith (BOC)
assisted by Nick Fry (BOC Trainee) 
Show Schedule Competition Results

Perhaps the Show's most striking aspect was a plant exhibited by John Dennis which was awarded the Echo Cup for Best in Show, namely Masdevallia Mrs Newburgh White, a hybrid between M. striatella and M. Peach Fuzz.  It was also awarded the Bob Wright Centenary Cup for Best Hybrid in the Show and the Hamtun Trophy for Best Pleurothallid, but most significant was the Class in which it was entered.  This was the Novices' Class, restricted to members who have never won a First Place in any Class in any Orchid Show, which John won (of course) and so was awarded the Priory Cup for Best Novice's Plant.  Such a magnificent haul of silverware proves that even a novice exhibitor can beat the most experienced growers!

The plant was a good size, well estabished, and beautifully grown - pristine lush foliage with flowers of very good form carried in quantity all round the plant.  Congratulations, John, and sincere commiserations on the loss of your noviciate status.

Highlights from the Show
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all photos © John Dennis except where noted
Judging is serious stuff!

L-R:  Allan Burdis, Graham Smith,
Chris Broomfield (Show Manager), Nick Fry

The Competition Bench
gets some final post-judging tweaks
before the Show opens to the public

Burnham Nurseries' display
offers its customary blaze of colour
with some enticing plants for sale

Aerangis jacksonii

1st in Class 9 - Any Other Species
Species Trophy - Best Species

Exhibitor - Geoff Hands

Brassocattleya Pastoral 'Innocence'

1st in Class 6 - Cattleya / Laelia
Ringwood Cup - Best Cattleya / Laelia

Exhibitor - Bryan Gould

Bulbophyllum Valley Isle Queen

1st in Class 8 - Any Other Hybrid

Exhibitor - John Dennis

Dendrobium Boonchoo Pink

1st in Class 5 - Dendrobium
Dendrobium Cup - Best Dendrobium

Exhibitor - Geoff Hands

Laeliacattleya Mary Ellen Carter

Part of 2nd in Class 11 - Group of Three Hybrids

Exhibitor - Bryan Gould

Masdevallia Mrs Newburgh White

1st in Class 13 - Novice
Priory Cup - Best Novice
Echo Cup - Best in Show
Bob Wright Centenary Cup - Best Hybrid
Hamtun Trophy - Best Pleurothallid

Exhibitor - John Dennis

Odontoglossum reversum

Part of 2nd in Class 12 -
Group of Three Species & Hybrids
Dorset Cup - Best Oncidium / Odontoglossum

Exhibitor - Roger Russell

Oncidium praestans

1st in Class 4 - Oncidinae

Exhibitor - Derek Copley

Paphiopedilum Claire de Lune

2nd in Class 2 -
Paphiopedilum / Phragmipedium Hybrid

Exhibitor - Geoff Hands

photo © Neville Roberts

Phalaenopsis Baldan's Kaleidoscope

1st in Class 15 - Windowsill Orchid

Exhibitor - Christine Carter

Phalaenopsis Black Diamond

Part of 1st in Class 11 - Group of Three Hybrids
New Forest Cup - Best Group of Three Orchids

Exhibitor - Christine Carter

Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi

Part of 1st in Class 10 - Group of Three Species

Exhibitor - Christine Carter

Phalaenopsis Joyspring Canary

Part of 1st in Class 12 - Group of Three Species & Hybrids

Exhibitor - Christine Carter

Phalaenopsis Pink Charm

1st in Class 7 - Phalaenopsis
Dave Cherry Cup - Best Phalaenopsis

Exhibitor - Christine Carter

Phragmipedium bessae

1st in Class 3 -
Paphiopedilum / Phragmipedium Species

Exhibitor - Sally Mill

Phragmipedium Eric Young

1st in Class 2 -
Paphiopedilum / Phragmipedium Hybrid
Slipper Cup -
Best Paphiopedilum / Phragmipedium

Exhibitor - Alan Sapsard

Prosthechea grammatoglossa

2nd in Class 9 - Any Other Species

Exhibitor - Sally Mill

Psychopsis Mariposa

2nd in Class 4 - Oncidinae

Exhibitor - Ken Griffiths
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