Who Does What in the Society

Like any other voluntary organisation, the Society relies on its members to keep it running.  We are most fortunate in having a wide range of talented and willing volunteers who are prepared to take on all the necessary jobs, whether within the Committee or outside it.

The Who
In simple alphabetic order . . .
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Keith Andrew

Chris Broomfield

Allan Burdis

Derek Copley

Terry Eve

Roger Frampton

Nick Fry

Ken Griffiths

Glen Jamieson

David Longman

Mike Powell

Neville Roberts

Graham Smith

David Walters
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The What
Officers and Committee

All officers and members of the Committee are subject to re-election each year, at the Annual General Meeting held in May.  Other members of the Society may, exceptionally, be co-opted onto the Committee (indicated by an asterisk *).

President Keith Andrew
Vice Presidents Allan Burdis
Graham Smith
Chairman Derek Copley
Vice Chairman Ken Griffiths
Honorary Secretary Ken Griffiths
Honorary Treasurer Terry Eve
Committee Members Chris Broomfield
Nick Fry
Glen Jamieson
Mike Powell
Neville Roberts
The "Real" Jobs

These positions are non-elective, being filled entirely voluntarily both from within and from outside the Committee - in some cases after, perhaps, a little judicious arm twisting!

Show Sub-Committee Ken Griffiths (Chair)
Chris Broomfield (Show Manager)
Nick Fry
Mike Powell
Graham Smith
Programme Secretary Neville Roberts
Publicity Officer Nick Fry
Points Competition Glen Jamieson
Raffles Terry Eve
Plant Sales David Walters
Honorary Librarian David Longman
Editor, Top Orchid Allan Burdis
Coach Trips Roger Frampton
BOC Representative Graham Smith
Honorary Auditor Doreen Williams
Webmaster Graham Smith